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Om Sri Lalithambigai Namaha || Om Shree Matre Namaha

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः । सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु ।मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग्भवेत् ॥ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥

Shree Lalitha Ambigai
Temple Left Kumbam
Temple Right Kumbam

About Guru ji & His Ancestral Legacy

Brahmasree Gurudev Mahunagiri was born in 1862 into a Brahmin family. He was a great scholar and considered a "Guru's Guru" in the field of Vedic Astrology. He was blessed with a rich legacy and had a deep understanding of astrology across the spectrum.

The great-grandson of a renowned master, who is now in his third generation, has a disciple with around 39 years of experience. This disciple is an eminent personality who is famous not only for his unparalleled knowledge in the niches of Tantrika, Mantrika, and Jyothisha but also for his ability to prepare laudable and potent YANTRAs. These YANTRAs are capable of magnetizing positive energy and divine aura around the bearer.

The intellectual personality specializes in conducting various Pujas and Homa ceremonies globally. Due to their studious nature, they have received instruction from numerous renowned Tantrikacharyas in India in addition to their academic pursuits. It should be noted that their entire family is devoted to Shree Lalitha Ambika and specializes in conducting Sadhana, Upasna, and Tantric Puja for their devotees. Anantdev Ji was always passionate about spiritual science and Vedic culture. At a very young age of 13, he gained an impeccable level of proficiency in Mantrik, Tantrik Shastra, and Astrology. This gave him immense opportunities to closely associate and interact with numerous renowned astrologers, healers, and tantrics who appreciated his work and guided him in the right direction of serving

Over time, the services and expertise of Anantdev Ji became known even abroad, and many people from different parts of the world sought his guidance and support. Additionally, his Spiritual Centre evolved into a research hub for foreign nationals. My father, a devotee of Shree Lalitha Ambika, felt compelled by the entities around him and an inner urge to spread divine knowledge. He asked me, his daughter Smt. K Anjali, to launch a website named On this website, he will offer free astrology consultations to his fellow devotees. He will suggest what YANTRA they should use to improve their personal lives and the lives of their families.

Please note: The person refers to all clients as "Shree Lalitha Ambika Devotees”, but the yantras provided will be from various deities.

The Purpose Of This Website and How He Wish to Service to Humanity:

Why Us ?
With extensive experience in all aspects of Vedic and Tantric Upasana, he had a desire to serve humanity by providing his devotees with Yantras made of Copper. He would perform Prana Pratistha on the Yantras and then distribute them to his devotees, asking them to perform Sadhana and Japa Vidhi to empower their aura. This would help them to overcome any challenges they may be facing in life.

His Expertise 
Having enormous experience in every spectrum of Vedic and Tantric Upasana, He wanted to serve humanity by helping his devotees by providing them Yantras made up of Copper and performing Prana Pratistha on it and then provide it to all the devotees by asking them to perform Sadhana and Japa Vidhi to further power their Aura which shall in-turn help them resolve all their problems in life. According to his meticulous instructions, if a devotee performs Puja/Sadhana and chants Mantras for the next 41 days, they will surely be blessed with the proper direction or solution they are seeking from the supreme power. In fact, they might even receive laurels for their efforts.

According to Guru Ji, the Vedas contain knowledge about more than 500,000 Yantras. These Yantras are related to different deities, Yakshinis, Apsaras, Nakshatras, Rashis, and can be used to solve various problems faced by mankind. Many people are unaware that they can even create their own Yantras on a copper sheet by following Vedic literature. These Yantras can help devotees overcome any problem they may be facing. 

  • Rig Veda imparts knowledge of everything in the universe

  • Yajur Veda transforms this knowledge into the practical form known as karma

  • Sama Veda converts this karma to ecstasy &

  • Atharvaveda is the knowledge storehouse of the procedures for everyday life

He gave an example where he mentioned that if he were to ask any of his devotees who worship "Shree Shree Lalitha Ambika" to select a YANTRA that can help them resolve their problems, they might not know which one to choose.

Service For One & All 
After serving humanity for 39 years, he urged me to create a website to extend his reach and assist people globally in resolving their issues. He promised to evaluate everyone's horoscope through a detailed procedure. He has a team of six disciples who will follow his instructions and evaluate the devotee's Kundli through 5 stages for accurate suggestions.
1) Vedic Astrology
2) Vedic Palmistry
3) Vedic Jamini Astrology
4) Vedic Prashna Astrology &
5) Vedic Numerology

Our free services include a Kundli check for Lalitha Ambika devotees, and accurate suggestions on which YANTRA/LOCKET to use for Puja, Sadhana, and Mantra chanting.

  • Finally, he suggests that if someone does not have enough time in their busy life

  • Cannot perform the Puja Sadhana as recommended, is not comfortable with the practice

  • Would simply prefer to start their day by chanting mantras, they may do so

Guruji will prepare lockets for devotees and energize them with Siddha Mantras and Vedic puja process before dispatching them. He will also provide the devotee with Mantra Sadhana to be performed for the next 41 days or more, depending on the case.

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